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There is a desire to learn - the Internet will help

With the advent of the Internet, people have discovered a huge virtual world space. It is filled with information accumulated and systematized by mankind. According to statistics, the Internet is visited today by every tenth inhabitant of our planet.


How not to get lost in this space and how to learn to work with information, gaining a benefit for yourself?


Today, many internet visitors are happy to communicate in ICQ mode or by e-mail with their friends, visit news sites, rewrite music, read exciting books.


Meanwhile, the worldwide network can be used not only for entertainment and recreation. Modern IT technology allows you to have a computer and access to the Internet, to study special literature, to look into directories and guides, to visit libraries, to take English courses, professions and even to study programs of higher educational establishments.


So you can study a foreign language, learn a computer specialty, master the basics of management. Many employees increase their professional level at different courses, choose which special catalogs of business sites will help.


The benefits of distance learning according to are obvious: there is no need to spend time on the road to the place of study, excluding transportation costs, people can engage in the right time. When there is a lot of work at work, there is almost no time for regular training. If this kind of upgrading is initiated by the employer, the employee can organize the educational process independently in the "windows" formed among the workers of the cases.


Today, learning on the Internet is conducted using interactive (constantly corrected) methods and may precede special tests, after which the trainee will be offered an individual program. Sometimes the system is used: assessment of knowledge - training - assessment of knowledge.


This approach allows you to determine the initial knowledge of the student and to correct the training cycle. The programs for the upgrading of employees acquired by the company may have a system for monitoring the effectiveness of each student's training.


Students are usually appointed by the teacher (tutor) who online can conduct seminars and counseling, monitor the process of learning knowledge by test assignments, or answer questions. For those who study, virtual seminars or lessons are sometimes more useful than usual: there is always the opportunity to express their opinions, because there is no priority for especially active students.

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